Hotel La Morera history

Let us explain you the history of our familiar hotel

Hotel La Morera València d'Àneu LLeida

The beginning

The Cortina family initiated its hotel activity at the old Cremat house in València d’Àneu, one of the few taverns of the initials of the XX century in the Valls d’Àneu valleys.

In 1943, the grandfather man of the house Andreu Cortina (1913), and after living some years in France running away from the civil war, was destined by the Ministry of Public Works at the Refugi de les Ares, in the middle of the Port de la Bonaigua. With the help of his wife Júlia and his children, he accommodated those who were brave enough to take the adventure of crossing the Port de la Bonaigua in its way from Vall d’Àneu to Vall d’Aran valleys, apart from being in charge of the good viability of this route.

Hotel La Morera València d'Àneu LLeida

Entrepreneur family

In 1964 the refugee became a must stop with the entrepreneurship of Andreu Cortina son, also in charge of the roadway of the territory by the Ministry of Public Work. Those who in that time traveled by bus or other vehicles taking the adventure of crossing the Port de la Bonaigua, and those nature lovers who stayed in summer holidays, became loyal guests.

Due to the new business, they decided to build the Cortina Hostel in València d’Àneu, where the family moved running away from the long and hard winters and looking for a more comfortable place with more facilities to continue developing the touristic activity.

Illuminated hotel entrance  La Morera València d'Àneu Lleida

The Hotel La Morera is born

The success of Cortina Hostel led to the construction (just in front), ten years later, of the actual Hotel La Morera, which complemented the old hostel with more capacity.

Nowadays, it is the third generation of the family who runs the business, offering comfortable facilities and creating through services an offer strictly shaped to the touristic actual demand, always following the valuable path that our masters grandmother Júlia and mother Anita have taught us.

Terrace mountain views hotel La Morera València d'Àneu

Official recognitions

  • 1988: Diploma Turístic de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia). Hotel La Morera.
  • 1989: “Medal of honor” from the Spanish Association of Roadways (Ministry of Public Work and Urbanism) –to Andreu Cortina Isus . In reward of its services for the coordination of snow works at the roadway of the Port de la Bonaigua, and its attention to “Refugi de la Verge de les Ares”
  • 1998: “President Macià” medal (Government of Catalonia) – Anna Cortina Juanmartí. For its trajectory in the accommodation and restaurants sector in the Verge de les Ares Refugee, Port de la Bonaigua, Cortina Hostel and Hotel La Morera in València d’Àneu.

The history of Hotel La Morera in pictures

Hotel La Morera
Hotel La Morera
Hotel La Morera
Hotel La Morera
Hotel La Morera
Hotel La Morera