Relax & Spa in Hotel La Morera

The Bonaigua Spa, a privileged environment where we can enjoy a world of sensations.

Spa Hotel la Morera València d'Àneu Lleida Pyrenees

Spa Bonaigua in a fully natural area

The Spa Bonaigua of Hotel La Morera is a relaxing area designed for the wellbeing of our guests and built with natural elements inspired in the Pyrenees landscape that surround us.

We have prepared facilities so you can enjoy a full relaxing experience.

Spa Bonaigua schedule

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    Open from 16 to 21h.

Services of Spa Bonaigua

The variety of the available treatments in the Spa Bonaigua of Hotel La Morera are shown below.

Spa bonaigua Hotel la Morera València d'Àneu Lleida
Relax zone Spa Bonaigua Hotel La Morera València d'Àneu LLeida
La Morera Spa Massages
  • Hydromassage shower

  • Ludic spa/swimming pool with hydromassage and fountain

    Stimulation of the nervous and circulatory system; muscular relaxation.

  • Steam sauna - Hammam

    Natural anti stress; respiratory tract humification and major oxygen contribution to the organism.

  • Finnish sauna

    Natural anti stress, nervous distention and elimination of toxins of the organism.


  • Bucket shower

    Cold water impact shower. Special for experiencing a thermal contrast after a sauna session.

  • Relax room with chromotherapy

    Resting stage to intensify the relaxation.

  • Therapeutic massage room

    See options.

See the massages price list of Spa Bonaigua

Maximum capacity of 8 people as long as they do not belong to the same family union.

  • Hotel guests Per person 1h/12€

  • Particular guests Per person 1h/15€€

Massage service


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