Les Valls d’Àneu

North of the culd are almost an extension of the Aran lands, after going through the natural obstacles of the Port of Bonaigua and foothills of Aigüestortes National Park and San Maurici Lake . We are in the Natural Park of High Pyrenees , beautifying our own landscapes of the catalan Pyrenees. Continuity in the landscape and its Pyrenean character make these valleys a special place to discover on foot or by other means.


Park Nacional d’Aigüestortes i Estany de St. Maurici

This is the only national park in Catalonia. The high-mountain landscape has an impressive relief and a wealth of flora and fauna. The main feature of the area is water, with close to 200 lakes and countless streams.
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Park Natural de l’Alt Pirineu

High mountains, endangered species shelter and landscapes shaped by centuries of human activity are the largest natural park in Catalonia.
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Centros d’Interpretació i Ecomuseu de les Valls d’Àneu

The region’s centres of interpretation

Ecomuseu de les Valls d’Àneu
Casa de l’Ós Bru a Isil


The Romanesque in the Valls d’Àneu

In this historical and natural context, the Valls d’Àneu show us an important monumental ensemble, integrated in each town, witness of an unalterable legacy: the Romanesque.

Just like other neighboring counties, Pallars Sobirà preserves the Romanesque footprint in its churches, which are still alive thanks to the prevailing poverty of its moment; Exempt from any evolution in the architectural style and leaving clear samples from the south to the skirt of the Aran valley.

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Interesting celebrations

We find a whole variety of celebrations deeply rooted in the traditional and popular culture of the Valls d’Àneu. The Carnival and the Calderada, the procession of the Jews for Easter, the Easter Caramelles, the gathering of Santa Maria the first of May, the « Neighbors » of Esterri d’Àneu, the Falles d’Isil (declared Traditional Fiesta of National Interest in Catalonia), the Teatre festival « Esbaiola’t » and the Cattle Fair of Sta. Teresa offers a broad framework of aneencan culture.



The Valls d’Àneu MTB Center

The Valls d’Àneu MTB Center is in the region of culd in the heart of the Pyrenees. Specifically in the Valls d’ Àneu .

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Esports d'Aventura

Adventure sports

Having as main frame the Noguera Pallaresa that takes place in the middle of white water, it allows us the possibility of enjoying adventure sports at the highest level; canoe of aiguas bravas, rafting, « kayac », canoes in the Lake of Torrassa, canyoning, etc. they allow us to enjoy the most « magical » natural landscapes of the Catalan Pyrenees.



We have close spaces for controlled river fishing, where you can enjoy this activity in a mountain setting full of charm … Ask us and we will inform you where you can practice!


You will find several routes for hiking with different levels of difficulty, well signposted and with suitable path prepared for each one of them.

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Ski Resort Baquiera-Beret-Bonaigua

Only 15 minutes from the Hotel. Located to the highest parts of the regions of Vall d’Aran (Naut Aran) and Pallars Sobirà (Valls d’Àneu). The Atlantic orientation and the northern slope of the station means that during the whole season abundant rainfall and low temperatures guarantee important snow depths.

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Ski Pallars

Espot, Port Ainé and Tavascan, commercially united under the umbrella of Skipallars, have created a unified and consolidated product, a unique ski that allows you to ski in the different SkiPallars resorts in Pallars Sobirà.

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One of the alternatives to visit the National Park of Aigüestortes is to do it in winter with snowshoes. Ask at Reception and we will advise and propose different companies to be able to enjoy this different activity.

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